My experience with the ORT Jet mentorship program has been instrumental in growing both my business and myself over the last few years. While I was initially looking for immediate answers and advice, through our sessions I quickly learned how to use structured thinking and techniques to make these decisions myself. It has been so helpful to have a constant, positive figure through times full of change and uncertainty – the return on the time spent in mentor sessions has been exponential and accelerated our progress.

Benjamin Meltzer, Aerobotics

“Arriving in my home town after being away for 20 years, much has shifted – I needed to start learning. Since joining the mentorship programme at ORT Jet, I have been lucky Enough to have my mentor ‘on hand’, as well as other connections shared that allow me to flourish. It has brought me sense of security whilst building my business.”

Deb Jardine, XDC Entertainment Cape Town

“ORT Jet have provided me with guidance helping me to identify my business goals, narrowing my focus and assist me with complex business decisions. They have also provided me with invaluable assistance, shared experiences and knowledge with regards to manufacturing, product development and general operational issues.”

Jenny Spiro, Nurture One

“I came to ORT Jet with a seed of an idea, with their help it has been incubated and grown into a forest. One of the primary rewards for me being the courage and confidence gained through mentorship advice. On a weekly to monthly basis ORT Jet offers enriching business meetups and workshops that create new perspectives and help us gain a birds eye view of our business and businesses in general”

Stuart Shapiro, BrandRocket

“As a mentor for ORT Jet, it has become apparent to me that practical experience, a shoulder to lean on and simply being available to validate an idea is an important as assisting someone with accurate costing assumptions or developing a strategic plan. I have benefited from interacting with motivated and energetic entrepreneurs who have given me as much satisfaction from being able to fulfill this role as i have hopefully given them”

Darren Levy, ORT Jet mentor

“I have been a mentor wth ORT Jet for a few years and have found the work inspiring. The growth in the entrepreneurs who are part of the mentorship programme has been tremendous. They gain knowledge, inspiration and become part of a great network through the training support.”

Roy Silver, ORT Jet mentor

As a mentor and trainer for ORT Jet, I am gifted with the opportunity to share my skills and experience in a way that brings me a deep sense of personal fulfilment and meaning. As an entrepreneur on a lifelong voyage of learning, I cannot thank ORT Jet enough for continuing to introduce me to other leaders, mentors and trainers who support, challenge and stretch me in the inspiring ways they do.

Shannon Pam, ORT Jet mentor and mentee

“As a young entrepreneur one of the hardest things I find is making decisions in areas where I o not have much experience . Having a mentor to bounce my ideas off helping me gain confirmation that my ideas and decisions are sound”

Gary Sher, 101 Designs PTY Ltd

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