Mentorship Programme

a Mentor

There is no formal qualification required to volunteer your time as a mentor. If you are or have been in business and believe you can add value and support through your experience, knowledge and skills, you are an important resource for this programme.
You can package your involvement depending on your available time, expertise and preferences – You choose what best suits you.
The fundamental drive is around empowerment; therefore, your role would be to share your knowledge and expertise with and listen carefully to what your mentee needs and try assisting them where you can. You are not there to do the work, but rather to guide and empower them in the process.
There are lectures and events on offer as well as mentor training and support.

a Mentee

If you own a business and feel that you could benefit from some guidance, direction or support then you have come to the right place.
ORT Jet offers a range of services to the business owner which includes; a mentorship programme, up-skilling business training workshops and networking opportunities.
ORT Jet offers its services to businesses at any stage:

  • start-up
  • existing but struggling
  • existing but needing to expand

ORT Jet has seen many success stories through their doors, whether you just want to make your business more financially viable or you want to expand it globally, the right people are waiting in the wings to help Jet you forward into the future.
” Current participants believe that since joining the ORT Jet Mentorship Programme, their business has become 85% more financially sustainable “

ORT Jet Mentorship Programme by Shannon Pam

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