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The ORT Jet Mentorship Programme provides guidance and on-going support to entrepreneurs. We capitalize on the business acumen, knowledge, skills, and resources existing within our community. We offer a unique and proactive solution to the challenges faced by businesses in a tough economic environment.


Are you an entrepreneur looking for a mentor?

If you can benefit from guidance, direction, or support then you have come to the right place. ORT Jet has seen many success stories over the years, whether you want your business to be more financially viable or want to expand it globally, you can find the support you are looking for.

ORT Jet provides support to businesses at any stage:

  • start-up
  • existing but struggling
  • existing and wanting to scale
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Join as a mentor?

If you are or have been in business and believe you can add value and support through your experience, knowledge, and skills, you are an important resource for this programme. There is no formal qualification required to volunteer your time as a mentor.

You can package your involvement depending on your available time, expertise, and preferences, choosing what best suits you.

The fundamental drive is around empowerment; therefore, your role would be to share your knowledge and expertise, listening carefully to what your mentee needs, guiding and supporting them where you can. You are not there to do the work, but rather to guide and empower them in the process.

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