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Congratulations to our 2024 winners

Entrepreneur Award Winner: Caryn Querido, Adam International
Social Entrepreneur Winner: Helene Pam & Sheleen Lepar, Purple Splash Studios

About the awards

The esteemed 4th annual Shining Light Awards proudly honour and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of entrepreneurs, recognising their vital contributions to our nation’s economy. We are on a quest to spotlight the most influential, resilient, and inspirational entrepreneurs in the Western Cape region. Whether you lead a thriving business or a transformative social enterprise, we eagerly invite you to share your story with us. Your passion and dedication drive us to highlight and acknowledge those who make a tangible difference in their communities. Together, let us celebrate the trailblazers shaping a brighter future for all.

Entry Criteria: The organisation is owned or founded by a member of the Western Cape Jewish Community or you are a member of Entrepreneurs’ Network.

The Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to an entrepreneur who is setting a benchmark for success in the business world.

“Participating in the Shining Light Awards was a significant highlight for me in 2022. 

The various phases of the process from pitching to finally winning gave me and my business a brilliant opportunity to learn and grow. The awards were very beautifully organised by a professional team and it was an honour to be a part of it. In addition, the prizes and exposure have been invaluable. I highly recommend that budding entrepreneurs take the leap, put yourself out there, and show the community how your light shines! “

-Ben Getz, Urban Harvest 

Entrepreneur Winner of 2022 Shining Light Awards 

The Social Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to an entrepreneur who is making a tangible and positive impact on their community.

“JCS participated in the Shining Light Awards and we were thrilled to win the award. The entire process, from submitting our application to the final night was fantastic.  We established meaningful connections with other incredible businesses and NGO’s and effectively showcased the JCS Tikvah Foodbank’s contribution to the Cape Town Jewish Community.

The entire competition, including interviews with the judges and the final award ceremony was well-organised.

Winning the award provided us with an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about our unique JCS Tikvah Foodbank.

The exposure was incredible on all social media platforms which as a result highlighted our plight, assisting us in raising monies to feed the indigent and vulnerable members of our community.”

-Hazel Levin, JCS Cape Town

Social Entrepreneur Winner of 2022 Shining Light Awards

"Entrepreneurs are the true torchbearers, illuminating the path to innovation, growth, and a brighter future for us all."

- Unknown