Ort Jet Cape Town

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” A staggering 85% of current participants believe the Business Network facilitates business leads. “

ORT Jet realises the importance of creating a network in order to form new potential business relationships. Each month we run small networking events that offer business people in our community an opportunity to network and mingle with each other.


Should you be interested in being added to our communications database and receiving invitations for networking events, please contact lisa@ortjetcapetown.org.za and brenna@ortjetcapetown.org.za


Kayli Vee Levitan, “Change the way you think, to change the world”, January business network





Sharon Miller, “Working ON your business, and not IN your business”, 1 March business network





Naett Atkinson, “Negotiation skills for entrepreneurs”, November business network



Toby Shenker, “Jewish narrative of financial success”,October business network



Gary Sher, founder eyesupply.com, “A digital business, a digital lifestyle”